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Roofing issues can have a huge impact on your property and can cost you significant amounts of money.

Below we have the top 9 most common roofing problems to look out for.

1 – Poor maintenance

Poor maintenance is probably the most common cause for the majority of roof issues.

2 – Winter & extreme weather

Unfortunately there’s not a lot we can do to prevent the winter and extreme weather. However, there are things you can do to minimise the impact these conditions will have on your roof.

3 – Lack of gutter cleaning

Overtime, gutters can become blocked from debris and this will have a massive impact on your roof.

4 – Leaks and water ingress

Water leakage is a very strong indicator of a need for roof replacement or repair. 

5 – Seagulls and birds

For some property owners and tenants, seagulls can be a headache, causing many challenges and problems including:

  • Picking at roofing materials
  • Debris from nesting including sticks and branches
  • Noise
  • Swooping
  • A mess from droppings

Their nests and debris can also restrict the flow of water on your roof which will cause overflow issues.

6 – Asbestos

As the concern for asbestos roofing increases it’s ever more important to ensure that you know what you are dealing with. As soon as asbestos is mentioned it usually strikes fear into people due to the known extreme health dangers associated with it.

7 – Standing or ponding water

Ponds of water on your roof can be a sign of a build up of debris or an indication that the drainage system is inadequate or blocked. Left without inspection this can lead to water ingress and your gutters overflowing.

8 – Poor installation and workmanship

One of the issues we come across quite frequently is where a previous contractor has attempted to repair a job but it has been performed incorrectly. Unfortunately it is possible that this will result in a full roof replacement.

9 – Build up of debris

Over time due to wind, rain and nesting birds, debris will collate on your roof. Debris can include leaves, sticks, branches and small stones. As this builds up on your roof it can lead to the restriction of water flow. Clearing your roof of dirt and debris will ensure your roof can drain water properly.

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