As all roofers will tell you, the roof is definitely the most important part of the house. It keeps you dry, protects you from the elements and gives you that privacy you need too.

With this in mind we feel it is vital that you maintain your roof, just like you would with your doors, windows, walls and garden. After all it is not cheap to get a new roof …. just ask the roofers.

With this in mind here are a couple of great tips to keep your roof safe and well maintained:

1) Keep it clean of debris, particularly the drainage and gutters which can block rain and snow leaving the roof.

2) Regularly inspect the roof checking the following:
– State of chimney- State of tiles or flat roofs
– Check for cracks or missing shingles
– Check attic room for water stains indicating a leak

3) Keep trees and branches trimmed. Trees and branches that are not maintained regularly cause cracks, holes and damage to roofs.

4) Clean mould and fungus off the roof using specialist chemicals. It you don’t do this it can eat through shingles, can cause deterioration to the roof and looks dirty and horrible too.

If you need help with any of these issues please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team of roofers here at R Richards & Son.

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