Scaffolding For Our Roofing Services

We use our own scaffolding

R Richards & Son are not only experienced roofers, but we also have our own scaffolding company too, our workforce are experienced and qualified in supplying and erecting scaffolding for all of our roofing services.

The benefits of your roofers also providing your scaffolding are huge, and here are some of the reasons why;


  • Works would not be delayed waiting on scaffolding to be delivered or erected.
  • Scaffolding can be removed immediately after the job is complete.
  • Our own scaffolders clean up any mess at the end of the work.
  • Our customers save money by eradicating the use of a third party scaffold supplier.
  • Managing scaffolding on site allows us the knowledge that the site is safe and all health and safety legislation and requirements are being met, making it safe for our customers and our team of roofers.

If you are looking for scaffolding for any of the following roofing services we will be happy to help:

  • scaffolding for a new roof or roof replacement
  • scaffolding for temporary roofing.
  • support scaffolding
  • scaffolding for chimney stacks
  • scaffolding for timber framed construction
  • building or event scaffolding

All of our scaffolding staff are qualified to work at heights and health and safety is always our number one priority when we offering our scaffolding services.

If you are looking for scaffolding hire in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire or the surrounding counties then please contact us for a competitive quotation and a reliable and professional service.


What makes R Richards & Son different?


Trailers Not Skips

We use trailers, not skips to remove the unwanted materials from your property, allowing us to remove rubbish daily, and ensure skips do not damage your driveway.


It's Our Scaffolding

We own our own scaffolding and our team are qualified in putting it up and taking it down. This allows us to save you money on your roofing project.


Free Quotes: Fixed Prices

We offer free site inspections and provide you with a photographic report of the findings. Our quotations are fixed price so you know exactly what you will pay for the job.


No Sub-Contractors

All of our roofers are directly employed by R Richards and Son Ltd. We do not use subcontractors, guaranteeing our customers only get qualified and experienced roofers.

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